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This Message is Especially Important for All Women In Polygyny Who are tired of struggling emotionally and are in pain

Stop with your limiting beliefs, insecurities, comparisons, and searching for support elsewhere. I have an important message for you about a huge problem that is overlooked in most polygynous situations.

From The Co•Wife Coach, Mecca Nandi (talk about unique thing)

You thought getting used to polygyny wouldn’t take this long…

The problem? Most women don’t know their emotions are valid and what they are feeling is natural. The biggest issue is that they don’t realize those emotions are really fears. Not knowing how to address those fears only lengthens the process of pain.

The buildup of pain only distances you further away from your marriage/relationship, your household and most importantly yourself.

I should know because I experienced it for almost the entire first year of my polygynous journey. The transition in my journey was not easy but it wasn’t as hard as I initially perceived it to be.

I had to adjust emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even religiously throughout that journey. It was painful at times but I really didn’t understand what that pain represented. I know this wasn’t happening to me to hurt me but my heart didn’t understand that most of the time.

No matter how much I tried and what I tried (and I tried many things), I couldn’t simply crack the code on how to quickly and smoothly adjust within polygyny…maybe you feel the same way.

I would spend my time and efforts by:

  • Crying myself to sleep
    Eating my emotions away
  • Worrying too much about their home and neglecting mine
  • Comparing my marriage to theirs
  • Fighting for his attention

After trying so many different solutions, I almost gave up on my polygynous marriage.

Until one day, while I was folding laundry, I had this epiphany…

I literally looked in the mirror while sitting on the floor and the most simplest answer shifted the adjustment period in the best way.

From that day on, my polygynous journey and adjustment period drastically changed in the most positive way.

I finally experienced my breakthrough.

My confidence rose and my relationship with myself, my husband, and my co•wife deepened.

At first, I thought that how long is this clear and positive navigation going to last?
18 months into our new polygynous family and that feeling was still near, clear, and positively growing stronger each day.

Soon after, other individuals started asking me to speak to their wives. After sharing my journey, experiences, lessons, and tips they were able to smoothly adjust in polygyny and THRIVE.

Imagine if your polygynous journey could be the same. Imagine if you didn’t have to struggle so much emotionally and relationally. Imagine if you could be happy in your journey and during the times where it’s your night with your husband. Imagine…

People started asking me for help and that’s when I decided to turn this into a business and create a guide other women through their poly•journey and to help them achieve the same results: happiness in polygyny, confidence, healing, growth, self awareness, deep connection and more.


Poly Tips, Tricks, & Other Good *Ish A digital guide you through your poly journey

This is the perfect online resource for all polygynous people whether single, married, courting or healing.

Inside this guide you'll learn:

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Poly Tips, Tricks, & Other Good *Ish A digital guide you through your poly journey

This is the perfect online resource for all polygynous people whether single, married, courting or healing.