HER Poly•Group Sessions Special Package

Are you looking for a cost-effective and dynamic way to learn more about Polygyny, connect with others who may be facing similar challenges or working towards similar goals, and receive personalized coaching support? If so, our group coaching program on Polygyny may be just what you need!

We are thrilled to offer you an opportunity to join a dynamic and enriching environment that provides a variety of benefits to participants.

Our group coaching sessions typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour, making it easy for you to join during your busy schedule. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn from and engage with others in the group, who may have diverse perspectives and experiences.

We understand that one-on-one coaching can be expensive, and that’s why we have designed this program to be cost-effective, making it a great alternative for those who are unable to afford one-on-one coaching at the moment. Our group coaching sessions offer excellent support, as being part of a group can increase accountability and motivation to follow through on action steps and goals.

Joining our group coaching program is also an excellent opportunity for community building. You’ll get to meet other polygynous people and build relationships with others who may be facing similar challenges or working towards similar goals.

We cover a wide range of topics during our sessions, including Polygyny, emotional resilience, jealousy management, self-care, communication skills & more. However, if you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like us to cover, we are more than happy to address them during the session.

As a special bonus, people who sign up for our group coaching program will also receive a 1-1 private coaching session each month. This private session will allow you to dive deeper into your personal journey with our expert coaches.

Please note that we do not provide any recording of the session to attendees. This is to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of all participants.

So, if you’re ready to experience the benefits of group coaching and take your personal journey to the next level, sign up for our Polygyny coaching program today!


What People Say About The Group Sessions

What People Are Saying About The 1:1 Private Sessions

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Before I found Mecca, I was heartbroken, really hurting, and in great pain. I hit an all time low and took a great blow to my confidence and my self-worth. I was doing all that I could on my own and even tried seeking help from others for my situation but was met with a lack of support and lack of knowledge and felt no one really understood what I was going through. Mecca provided a safe space for me to express myself completely without hesitation or any judgment. She listens deeply, fully, and compassionately and provides great insight. Just after ONE phone call, my family noticed how happy I was! I love her energy, her wisdom, and the great insight she provides—this is what keeps me coming back. Having a life coach is so important regardless of how great your self awareness is and how much work you do on your own. She helps me see my blind spots, puts things in perspective and pushes me to not only grow but to THRIVE. At first, her 1-1 sessions seemed expensive but let me tell you—they are worth every penny and more. The value you get from her & her sessions can’t be found anywhere else. The return on investment is far greater than what you pay for and greater than you can imagine or expect. I am a lot healthier physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and am A LOT happier. My confidence is back up and I am better than what I ever was before. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. I couldn’t have made it this far without you this quickly. Whether you are a single woman, married woman, in polygyny, going out of a polygyny or considering polygyny I highly recommend Mecca!
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I was miserable, dreading and drowning in polygyny for many reasons. I was hurt and turning colder and colder as time went on but wanted to truly know if I could thrive or if I should move on from my situation. I love Mecca because she is so relatable and gives off so much positive energy even during some of my hardest times. She was not judgmental and yet pushed me to think differently in my situation. I am more open in my poly marriage with not only my husband but with my co wife in terms of wanting all parties to be here. When challenged in poly I now take time to think about the whole situation and how I can respond better and figure out why it’s even bothering me at all. I have also moved closer to my cowife and we hang out. I like her and love her for the sake of Allah and for many personal reasons. I definitely recommend Mecca and her 1-1 sessions because of the beautiful energy she is able to provide in such a down and dark time. It is needed to uplift and inspire people no matter what they choose to do.
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I was desperately seeking resources and people who struggled with accepting polygyny but who ALSO overcame those struggles and are now in a successful polygynous dynamic. Mecca has such a healthy and objective perspective on marriage. She considers all involved and gives honest advice and support while remaining compassionate in doing so. I am still here, still married, and am building with my cowife. I did not let my weaknesses get the best of me. I have a much healthier perspective on polygyny and its benefits for all. I have begun to unlearn the lies our society has taught me and learned coping skills that help me not only in polygyny but improving my life overall in general. At first, I was a little hesitant because she and I hold different religious beliefs but Mecca has been very respectful of any differences and our religious background wasn't an issue at all. Her sessions also helped because we both hold the same beliefs in regards to the structure of family and each person's roles. I decided to coach with her because honestly there are simply very few resources out there to provide such a valuable perspective. I absolutely recommend Mecca, she is amazing and her services are of great value in such a confused world!
L. Johnson
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I was in a bad mental state. My marriage had gone through serious tests and trials and polygyny wasn’t for me at that time. It hurt alot. The situation was difficult and I was stressed, unhappy and didn’t know how to get through any of it. Mecca really helped me see another side to polygyny. She used her own experiences as well as different exercises to help me find myself within the marriage and to overcome my insecurities within myself. I am able to stay married. I am not insecure anymore and I have a great relationship with my cowife. Mecca has a wealth of knowledge, experience and is understanding. I definitely recommend her.
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I was seeking out more information about polygyny. I loved the big sister vibe that I always get lol! I enjoyed the 100% raw, real life coaching. The sessions never felt like a place of judgment. They were always a comfort and had a home girl feel. I learned a lot more about myself and what I actually need. I definitely have a better outlook on polygyny and its benefits. I am more confident in myself and in my abilities as a woman in a plural marriage. I never hesitated to coach with Mecca because I was actually seeking her out lol! Alhamdulillah, Allah was merciful to us both and the peculiar way we ran into each other Masha’Allah. I absolutely would recommend her and her services– for the village vibe that just can’t be duplicated anywhere else, for the very real, in your face but said with love and no judgment talks you receive. There may be distance but Mecca will never be able to get rid of me; I’m never too far away.
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I was struggling in my marriage due to my husband taking on another wife behind my back. Although I was hurt, I couldn't decide what to do about something I knew nothing about and was looking for someone to assist me in learning about polygyny. Mecca is knowledgeable about Islam, has real life experience in polygyny, is caring, understanding and is real. My relationship with my Lord has increased. I have a better understanding of polygyny and a better understanding of myself! I absolutely recommend her and her services. She has a very wide perspective, a practical perspective as she is living in polygyny and has been for many years. She has real life experience and she is patient (because I am headstrong and stubborn- she broke me down).


$ 897 Billed every 3 months
  • 1 Monthly Group Session
  • One 1-1 Private Coaching Session
  • Total of 12 Group Sessions
  • Total of 12 1-1 Private Coaching Sessions


$ 1697 Billed twice a year
  • 1 Monthly Group Session
  • One 1-1 Private Coaching Session
  • Total of 12 Group Sessions
  • Total of 12 1-1 Private Coaching Sessions


$ 2997 Billed once a year
  • 1 Monthly Group Session
  • One 1-1 Private Coaching Session
  • Total of 12
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